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Inversor Ingecon Sun Storage 1Play 3/6TL M

These INGECON SUN STORAGE 1Play battery inverters are single-phase equipment that allow a bidirectional power flow between the batteries and the consumptions. This inverter can create isolated networks by generating an alternate network, acting as network managers and achieving a balance between generation, accumulation and consumption, since they control the flow of energy between the network and the batteries at all times.
Manufacturer: Ingeteam
Availability: Out of Stock - on backorder and will be dispatched once in stock.
€ 1627.27 excl tax

Hybrid inverters (photovoltaic + batteries) for residential and commercial use.
Single-phase equipment without transformer.
Available powers: 3 and 6 kW.
CAN Bus 2.0 communication for the battery management system (BMS).
Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations (IP65).
Main series protections: insulation failure, overvoltage, short circuit and AC overload.
Different operating modes to adapt to all types of installations.
Dual MPPT system

RS-485 communication for the wattmeter

Wi-Fi and Ethernet communication

CAN Bus 2.0 communication for the battery BMS (Battery Management System)

2 configurable digital inputs

2 configurable potential-free outputs

Pre-charging system at the battery inlet

Relay for grounding the neutral of critical loads in TT type installations

Quick commissioning and visualization of the installation thanks to the INGECON® SUN Monitor user interface

Possibility of working only from the photovoltaic field and later adding the storage system

Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations (IP65)

It has back-up functionality for installations of

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